Civilization of the Greeks

A great civilization arose on the island of Crete and surrounding islands, and then became Greece (Greece) radiation center of civilization in the region.
Led the geographical location of Greece to its role as importer of the civilizations of the East and especially Egypt, and the role of distributor in the neighboring areas, especially Italy.
Adopted by the Greeks on the sea and the commercial, industrial civilization.
Affected civilization Aligriffip Egyptian civilization by the people of Crete, the Phoenicians, the Greeks in Egypt, then contact directly through trade and service in the Egyptian army as soldiers and mercenaries succeeded in the establishment of cities in the Delta-pattern.
The Greeks divided the country in the first left to the independent states until then led Sparta Athens.
The system of government in Sparta on a democratic basis to the extent strictly military in nature even ruled Athens for the leadership of Sparta.
Arrived in Athens to the leadership of the Greek cities and the most important thing was provided to the humanitarian principle of democracy which is laid down by the legislator Solon.
Brcellis era is the golden age of Athens for its legislative reforms, economic and cultural achievements.
Fine Arts is the most important aspects of Greek civilization and in particular the magnificent sculpture.
Greeks excelled in the work architecture, the most famous temple and the Parthians Alorkecion.
Rose literature revival Among the most famous poets were interested in theater as Homer and Sophocles, and their book months Oristofns.
Greeks with advancing excellence in science and especially medicine by Hippocrates Obotab Nbgua as in mathematics, astronomy and nature.
Flasvethm Socrates and Plato's philosophy is one of the greatest legacy of the Greeks, human thought and months and Aristotle, who devoted an entire volume of the history of ancient Egypt.
The revival of Olympic Games sports Olympic Games were the most important aspects of Greek civilization, which has the participation of countries in the world and is currently held every four years.
Athens has been carrying the torch of civilization in Greece until he succeeded King Philip of Macedon in uniting the country under the leadership of Macedonia and was succeeded by his son Alixanderalokpr the fact that the great empire.

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