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All of the legacy of human activity in place during the era of time is subject to study the impact of Archaeology
And archaeologists investigating the life of ancient peoples, by examining their waste. These include such things as waste: the buildings and artifacts, tools, bones and pottery. The archaeologists have been exciting discoveries, such as the discovery of the tomb filled with gold jewelry, or the remnants of the Temple of luxury in the middle of the jungle. However, the discovery of a few stone tools or charred seeds of grain, perhaps unveils better for many aspects of the life of these peoples. And discover the types of food that people eat in ancient times, it makes us aware of the similarities between the lives of those people and our present. What is found by the archaeologist, ranging from large monuments and the end grain, which contributes to an image of features of life in ancient societies.

The Archaeological Research Assistant is the only way to interrogate aspects of life in the communities that existed before the invention of writing five thousand years ago. The archaeological research in itself constitutes an important tributary to the enrichment of our knowledge of ancient societies that left written records.

The Archaeology in the Americas, a branch of anthropology (Anthropology); a study of the human race and its heritage of intellectual and physical. In the opinion of archaeologists in Europe that their work is closely linked to the field of history, archeology, however, differs from the science of history on the one hand, historians are studying, mainly the march of peoples based on written records.

Archaeologists looking forward to see how they evolved civilizations, and to know the time and place where this development occurred. As well as those looking just like Darcy social sciences on the causes of the fundamental changes that made the people in the ancient world, stop fishing, for example, are turning to agriculture. Other archaeologists and develop theories about the reasons that drove people to build cities and establish trade routes. In addition, some archaeologists looking for the underlying causes behind the fall of previous civilizations, the Maya civilization in Central America, and civilization of the Romans in Europe

Archaeology is the science that deals with all that behind us rights of ugly and beautiful in a place during the era
The issue of definition of Archaeology includes the concept of study old topics that shed interested in this type of study, and begin that matter when the world was the French "Jack Spoon" in the seventeenth century bewildered before the Fezin "is so incredibly Larchaeologie to express Archaeology meaning that the science that deals study of all forms of material and concrete reservation for us the effects of human activity, whether these effects are beautiful, or did not care about human Ptjamilha, was it that the most likely to use the word is so incredibly and reconciled, later in other modern languages to apply to the science that deals with the ancient civilizations flourishing The mother of Mendhrp, great The mother of a primitive, the caves or huts simple inhabited by humans, or hole a simple buried their dead is the impact of the activity of an object indicates that a single civilization, and a palace or a huge temple Zain or mummy mummified or studded and decorated is also the effect of demonstrating other level of civilization in the last period of time reflects the progress made by this man.
In sum: "All what is left of human activity in place during the era of time is the impact of subject to study Archaeology," and the Archaeology is a science that deals with all what is left of our rights of ugly and beautiful in a place during the era.

In fact, the strength of what is left of our rights in general is divided into two main sections the first of which the waste material of concrete, and the second of them is that literature and texts that he left us human, so came the study of material things is Archaeology twins to study the language, text, speech, and which is termed as Velologi philology, The inseparability of the two sciences to study aspects of the civilization of various essential it is impossible to study architecture ROMANIAN old without reference to the book, which left us engineer Roman "Vitruvius Vitrovius" entitled "for architecture" De Architectura "It is also imperative to study sculpture at the Greek refer to the books of the Roman "Pliny the Elder" in his book Natural History, which set aside the parts of metals and the arts also included a table by the ancient Greeks artists and their work, which became famous in the ancient world.

Shows the overlap between the scientific effects and language is evident in many works of art and architectural inscriptions and writings such as those that cover the walls of Egyptian temples or tombs or Allkhavat Ostraca which codified by the writings of the ink-stained any that the temple is the impact of an architect who never stops Tlassmh only read the literature it says it is, as well as the case for tombstones and other monuments that bear inscriptions or writings are often interpreted these writings date effect, or the person who built or who gave him.

Not only the study of the language on the inscriptions only, but also aware of the writings on the Qrat papyrus known idiomatically as Alababirologi Papyrology and who cares about aspects of life of the contracts, laws, correspondence, recordings, and other manifestations of social and economic life, political, and sometimes shed light on the areas of arts and architecture have often been found Qrat on papyrus in individual graves or houses or temples and sometimes damage the mummies Kglaf hardener to protect them and often papyri is useful when used Klvaiv of the mummies, but they remain an important source of information for archaeologists now.

Introduces the study of inscriptions in the scope of linguistics (science inscriptions known idiomatically knowledge Alobejrave Epigraphy) is interested in studying the patterns of the line, writing and forms of the alphabet, evolution and attempts Cosmetic different fonts can not archaeologist to lose sight of this flag, but is primarily a means of history is important.

The expression of Archaeology term "Archaeology archaeology" "become hostage to the meaning used by Jacques Spoon in the seventeenth century until it became used to express the study of old and became connected to his origins and beyond the scope of the study history of art to include other human activities and all aspects of his or her own different, and perhaps the development of Andharha civilizations, and the disappearance of beautiful works of art as well as natural factors and reaction time and Awadi impact the bad and the sometimes devastating effects not leave room to study art history, but the remaining ruins and the ruins material studied by archaeologists in various fields.

The Archaeology is not confined to operations research and exploration, but extends to publishing scientific discoveries of archaeological studies and specialized Unveils past the unknown and provide new information from the old article, is the registration process rigorous scientific stages of detection archaeological most important stages of exploration a real memory of this work, the scientific exploration is in fact the destruction of the layers can not be restored to that I do not tolerate error because the error destroys the era of the history of a nation and its culture so it is the Archaeological be familiar with and aware of Iwhlanh to maintain this trust deposited by the nation to him and are important to the prospector of the highest and for the functions of human that require integrity and experience.

Source: Journal of Archaeology

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