Egypt in the Ptolemaic era

Alexander the Great, Egypt open easily because the Egyptians welcomed him as the savior of the Persians.
By Alexander the Great founded the city of Alexandria and the construction of a new civilization of civilizations combine the advantages of Oriental and Greek civilization known as the Hellenistic civilization.
After the death of Alexander the Great divided his empire Egypt was the leader of the share of Ptolemy who founded the State of the Ptolemies, which lasted about 300 years.
Hellenistic civilization flourished in the city of Alexandria, which became the center of civilization in the ancient world as a whole.
The Ptolemaic Greeks in their lives, customs and traditions did not attempt to intervene in the affairs of the Egyptian religion, customs and traditions, has kept the Egyptians, including inherited. From their parents and grandparents Pharaohs
Download the titles Ptolemies of Egypt and Pharaonic wore costumes and offered sacrifices to Egyptian deities and tried to blend between the two religions in Egypt. And Greek
Established many of the Ptolemaic temples of the most important temples of Edfu, Dandara and Philae.
Interested in the Ptolemaic ECONOMIC Venhadwa agriculture and industry have developed and encouraged trade, but the financial system that they followed the imposition of high taxes then led to the deterioration of economic conditions.
The work of the Ptolemies to bring currency replaced the barter system and Aastkhaddmwa gold coins, silver and bronze.
Ptolemy lived in Alexandria and many facilities were immortalized by history and the most important of the lighthouse and search house (the university) and the library.
Considered the Lighthouse of Alexandria built by the Ptolemies for the conversion of one of the ships of the seven wonders of the world has been destroyed in the fourteenth century as a result of a devastating earthquake.
The Ptolemies established in the city of Alexandria house scientific research (the university) and called it the greatest scholars and writers who research and authoring and translation of manuscripts.
The Egyptian historian Manetho no history of Pharaonic Egypt, which he divided it into thirty families.
Ptolemaic Alexandria Library established the largest libraries of the ancient world, which has been leading scientific mission even burned year 47 BC. M.
Egypt has the assistance of UNESCO on the revival of the Library of Alexandria was the opening of the new library in October 16th, 2002 in the presence of world leaders.
Poor Egypt's economic conditions and the continuing wars between the Ptolemies and Sulaioukien and multiple revolutions of the Egyptians and the weakness of the Ptolemaic kings of days to enter Rome in Egypt's internal affairs.
The era of the Ptolemies in Egypt in the reign of Queen Cleopatra VII after it destroyed the Roman fleet and fleet Actavios ally Antony at the battle of Actium marine and Egypt became a Roman province.

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