Roman civilization

Rome evolved from a small town to the capital of the state seized control of the whole Italy and the eastern part
Of the Mediterranean and North Africa in the third century AD.
Carried out between Rome and Carthage long wars ended with the victory of Rome, which became the western part of the Lady of the Mediterranean basin.
After that hit Greece and Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt in the hands of the Romans and the Mediterranean became a Roman lake and the Romans became masters of the ancient world.
The system of government in the Romanian State and then became a Republican after being alone with imperial rule in August
Was ruled by Rome in the Republican era Guenslan Alsnato under the supervision of the Council (Senate).
Republican times and faced several problems including: poor conditions of the general public, social and economic revolutions of slaves, and clusters of troops.
Distinguish the age of empire terrible conflict between the pagan religion and Christianity, and the increased risk of the barbarians at the Romanian State.
In the year AD 395 the empire was divided into two Romanian exotic and oriental, and Romanian Western Empire fell in the hands of barbarians years old 476 The Romanian Empire East has fallen in the hands of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed in 1453.
Romans reached a considerable degree of progress in the field of legislation and enact laws which are considered the most important legacy of the Romans in the field of world civilization.
Romans did not care about morality and science, as did the Greeks because of their interest in military and administrative aspects.
Romans did not gourmet art Kaligriv therefore Aguetpsoa Greek art in their art.
Romans persecuted the followers of the pagans to Christianity, but a great persecution of Christians stood firm for this persecution until he confessed to the Emperor Constantine the Christian religion.
At the end of the fourth century AD Emperor Theodosius considered Christianity the official religion of the state and campus idolatry forbidden in full.
Civilization of the ancient Egyptians or the ancient Egyptian civilization is the civilization that has in Egypt under the pharaohs of different families since the dawn of history until the Roman conquest of Egypt.

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